DM "Oookaaaay" Bret (grimhild) wrote in pompa_rota,
DM "Oookaaaay" Bret

Digging in

Talked with an ex-genetic counseling prof yesterday. Obtained much cool and useful information on the field. Will likely have to bug her again to send me examples of the articles that folks in the field have to read.

But today I've really started hashing through alternate science careers. They're really neatly organized at Nextwave, and decently informative, as in "nope, I don't want to do that... I could do that as a way to get a paycheck, but it'd require another degree... Ah, here is something that would definitely require a Ph.D., but it really doesn't inspire me to do so." But the career paths I've looked at are a drop in the bucket so far, as there are sooooooo many there. Ah, well. Back to the trenches.
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