DM "Oookaaaay" Bret (grimhild) wrote in pompa_rota,
DM "Oookaaaay" Bret

El tercero

Hi, all. I think that both reasons to join this list apply to me, in a way. Right now, I'm finishing my first year of grad school in molecular & cell biology (qualifying for the 'been there' bit), and am planning to start seriously searching for the best way out just as soon as classes this semester end. A life of competitive biology research is definitely not for me, and I'm not sure if the other doors that a Ph.D. would open up have good things for me behind them, either. Oh, and there is the fact that some day I want to have a family, and therefore want to have a sane enough work week to be a family dude.

Other options I might start considering are:

Genetic counseling
Regular ol' counseling
Nutritional science/dietetics
Priesthood (not really all that seriously, though I hear that since Episcopalian priests are allowed to marry, those who turn [back, as it would be in my case] to being Catholic are allowed to stay married)
Dance (yeah, right -- only if it were a situation in which I'd [a] feel competent at the work, and [b] wouldn't be starving)

So there. I like the idea of becoming a real human, and a whole human, and so would love the opportunity to help others do the same, if I can. Huzzah for happy people.
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